Add More Color In Your Life

Step out of your comfort zone, buy those clothes you passed on because they were too bright! Wearing color isn’t easy for people because they don’t want to stand out in the crowd or because they don't know how to style color but after this, your mind might change! There are many different reasons why you should brighten up your life with some color!

  1. It brightens your mood! Wearing bright colors can make your energy and personality brighter!
  2. You’re automatically more approachable
  3. Color energizes and motives you
  4. It is a great conversation starter, if you’re wearing color people might come up and ask where you got it 

In color psychology colors have different meaning and give off different energies. Keep reading to learn what colors might say about you! 

-Blue: People say that anyone who wears blue confidently are wise and peaceful people! The color blue has a calming effect, especially during summer blue can brighter up your outfit!

-Yellow is known as the happiest color! Someone who wears yellow proudly radiates joy and has a bright personality. 

-Purple is a reminder of the rich, which doesn’t mean just money. You can be rich in personality as well! 

-Wearing pink gives off youthful energy! Pink is fun and energetic! 

-Even adding color with accessories can help add a pop of color to your outfit!

Now that you've learned more about what a color can say about you, which one are you choosing to wear? Learn to step out of your comfort zone and do it confidently!