How To Declutter and Organize Your Closet

We are all guilty of having that one space in our house that just isn’t organized and we just haven’t had the time to get to it! Well, now this is your sign to get up and do it! Fall is coming around the corner and what better time to go through all your clothes to make room for all of your hoodies and sweaters! We also all know that when we organize and clean we feel like a new person and feel more motivated! 

Step 1- Make sure you have everything you need

We know that this will get messy so make sure you have things on standby. Make sure you have trash bags, those will be helpful to organize pieces you don’t want anymore. Even boxes or containers if you want to put things in storage. Make sure you label those so you know what you're packing away! Also grab a vacuum to get those places you couldn’t get before!

Step 2 - Come up with a game plan

Before starting, come up with your game plan. Figure out what closet you're going to tackle first(if you have multiple)! Figure out the timeline. When does this need to be done or do you only have a few hours before you're busy again? What are you going to do with the items you are keeping and getting rid of? All things you should think about before beginning the next step!

 Step 3- Starting

People would say this is the hardest part, actually doing it! Cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to be boring! Turn your music on high and have some fun!

  • Color code! Organize into categories such as- Keep,Sell,Donate, and Throw away! Professional organizers find this the easiest way to keep track of it all! Every pile has its own colored sticky note for example! 
  • Empty out your entire closet! But as you start emptying it out, start organizing into the categories we discussed off of first glance! It’ll cut down at least a little before you go through it all one by one. While everything is out, wipe down or vacuum any spaces that need to be cleaned!

Step 4- Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to your clothes is hard. We all tell ourselves that we might wear it again but reality is, no you won't! Take pictures of cherished pieces that don’t make the keep pile cut! Whether that's clothing pieces or accessories at least you can have a picture to look back on.

  • First thing you do is find the clothes that stand out as an immediate no in your mind. That’s an easy toss into the sell/throw away/donate or pile right off the bat! 
  • Throw away items are easy to spot. Anything damaged, worn down, super old and something no one would even buy.
  • Finding clothes that you may not wear again are still in good condition would make the sale or donation pile!

Step 5- Putting it back and organizing 

The best way to do this is by working through each pile one at a time! Don’t overwhelm yourself!      

As you figure out what you want to keep and start putting them back into your closet there's different ways you could organize. You could…

  • Color code your clothing
  • Buy a shoe rack for the floor of your closet if you tend to just throw your shoes in there
  • Put your t shirts into a dresser, fold them
  • Buy plastic pull-out bins to put in your closet for things you don’t want to hang up
  • Put away last season's clothes into storage so it’s not taking up room.You aren’t wearing them!

Step 6- Taking pride

You’re done, you did it! Take time to just look at it and be proud that you did it yourself! Feel the motivation in you and be glad you took the time to get it done! You now have a decluttered, organized closet just in time for fall!