How To Take The Best Outfit Pictures


Love taking pictures but you’re still not getting the perfect one? Well, we’ve got a few tips to help you for your next photoshoot! Taking photos isn’t always easy but once you get the basics down you’ll start to love your results! Take your pictures and your skills to the next level with these tips! 

Here are a few ways you can make your pictures look better…

  • The first thing you always want to do is clean your lens! Many people don’t think about this but doing this will make sure there aren’t any smudges on your lense and give you the high-quality photo you want. 
  •  Instead of zooming in, move closer to them. It will make the picture look less pixelated and will be less sharp!
  • Find good lighting!!! If the lighting isn’t good find somewhere else. Lighting makes or breaks a photo and can help you so much with the quality!
  • Going along with finding good lighting you also have to find the best time of day for lighting. The best time of the day to take pictures is either early in the morning or late afternoon/night when the sun starts to set. During the day the sun will create many shadows and won’t have the same effect
  • Don’t stop taking photos! Most cameras, phones, etc have the option to continuously shoot/burst so don’t take your hand off of the button! This will allow you to capture even more moments than just the one

Tips for certain poses

There are so many different poses out there for you to do! To capture the best picture during one of those poses there are a few things you need to know! Here are just a few examples and ways you can capture the best out of a pose!

Full body pictures- Whoever is taking the photo, get lower and slightly tilt the camera up towards you, it will create the illusion of making you look taller.

Walking photos- If you’re trying to take a walking picture, walk slowly. Walking fast, won’t be able to capture the moment you want so have the photographer continuously take photos while you are taking a few slow steps.


Sitting down photos- The best angle to take pictures of someone sitting is from higher up and the camera pointing down or take the picture from the same angle as them if they aren’t wanting it shown from higher up. You want to find just the right angle so it captures you right.

Up close- Normally if you’re taking an up-close photo, you have something on that you want to focus on whether that’s a necklace or a ring, etc.. you want to be very close for this photo and make sure it is the focus of the picture.

Body angle- A subtle 3/4 turn of your body will be the most flattering in full-body pictures or practice in a mirror and see what angles you feel are most flattering for yourself

We hope that after reading you start to feel more confident behind and in front of the camera and that you start to love your results while being able to finally able to capture that perfect picture!