What Are Some Road Trip Essentials?

Our favorite road trip essentials 

Road trip season is our favorite! We love traveling and being able to see so many different things along the way! Read our guide below on what our favorite road trip must haves are!


1.You can’t have a comfy top on without some comfy shorts! Our blakely shorts are so cute and seriously so soft, perfect for a road trip and on the go!                   
2. Obviously Sunglasses are a must for when your driving so the sun isn't too bright and especially important when you reach your destination! 
3. A cute, simple hair clip is definitely an essential to keep our hair up when the windows are down and the music is on!                                                                                            
4. Of course you need an oversized, cute sweatshirt for when that ac kicks on and it starts to get chilly! Our coffee sweatshirt is the perfect oversized fit which makes it super comfortable!

5. An oversized t shirt is key to making sure you're comfortable during your long ride! Our powered by iced coffee shirt is super soft and comfy!